Decadent desserts


Cream puffs

A delicious puff of joy filled with a smooth vanilla cream and decorated with a beautiful colourful sugar glaze <3 These beauties are customizable to fit any theme!

38.00$ + tax/dozen 

Mini pavlovas

Mini Pavlovas

A cloud of meringue with a caramelized fruit filling, crème légère & topped with a cute decoration. They can be coloured, filled and flavoured with all kinds of different combinations!

48.00$ + tax/dozen


Classic brownies

Rich and fudgy brownie with chopped pecans & white chocolate chips. Decorated with a little chocolate drizzle and sprinkles, to match your theme

50.00$ + tax/dozen

(3" x 3" pieces)

2.50$ + tax/bite



Blonde version of the brownie - Decadent & chewy golden brownie with chocolate chips

40.00$ + tax/ dozen

(3" x 3" pieces)

2.00$ + tax/bite