Baby shower sugar cookies
Decorated sugar cookies 

Aren't these just adorable!! Decorated sugar cookies are so in right now! They can be cut into so many different shapes to fit any theme! Plus, on top of being super cute, they're delicious!! 

Sugar cookies
Sugar cookie sandwiches 

Whipped frosting sandwiched between two super soft & chewy sugar cookies.



- Vanilla - chocolate - salted caramel - coffee 

Chocolate covered oreos

Chocolate covered Oreos

As if Oreos were not delicious enough already! Golden or regular Oreos covered in white chocolate. These little gems can be decorated to fit any theme. Additional fees may apply for themed decoration, depending on the theme. 

Oreo chocolate chip cookie
Oreo white chocolate chip cookie 

Super decadent with chunks of Oreo cookies and melty white chocolate. Crunchy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside, it's everything you're looking for in a cookie! 

Butter cookies
Butter Swirl Cookies

Rich & crumbly butter cookie dipped in yummy milk chocolate 

Starting at 3.50$ / each 

35.00$ + tax / dozen 

3.50$+tax / each 

25$ +tax / dozen 

30$ +tax / dozen